Brüel Systems A/S is committed to providing optimum solutions meeting our customers’ needs for efficient washing, drying, and handling of recyclable packaging containers. In cooperation with our customer we fully define the requirements for the equipment and the operating regime including, where appropriate, the interface with existing equipment and building requirements.

We aim to be the leading brand and first choice within washing and handling systems for recyclable packaging containers Worldwide.
Keeping business ethics at the highest level towards employees, business relations and the environment.

Brüel Systems’s solutions are designed with maximum focus on occupational health and resource efficiency – electricity, heat energy, water and detergent.

Why choose Brüel Systems A/S

  • User driven innovation and focus on environment-friendly solutions
  • Focus on results and keeping promises
  • A dedicated, customer oriented approach
  • Focus on project management
  • Flat organisation with an informal and quick decision culture