The Flume washer

The Flume washer is widely used in the bakery, brewery  and fish sectors. But suitable in many other sectors. Suitable for rigid boxes with an open construction. Each washer is engineered to meet the specific requirements of the application based on modular construction.

Single or dual lane options according to capacity required. Up to 2200 boxes per hour per lane. Can be integrated into a fully automated washing and handling system including automated in-feed and out- feed. Type 304 stainless steel.


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Flume washer from Brüel Systems A/S
Flume washer from Brüel Systems A/S

The flume system provides:

  • Highest washing efficiency due to full detergent contact with the box
  • Minimal heat consumption
  • Capacities from a few hundred to several thousands per hour
  • Ideal for in-line washing
  • Modular design ensures maximum flexibility