Washing and handling plants for
bakery industry

Bakery industry - Washing and handling plants
  1. Feeding of pallets stacked with empty crates.

  2. Depalletizing.

  3. Stacking of empty pallets in pallet store.

  4. Feeding of crate stacks to buffer system.

  5. Buffer system.

  6. Feeding of crate stacks from buffer system.

  7. Destacking of single crates from the top.

  8. Emptying waste; feeding to washing unit.

  9. Flume washer with pre-rinse, washing, after-rinse, and drying.

  10. Uni-Grip turner.

  11. Feeding of single crates to production.

  12. Crate descent by chute.

  13. Crate descent by lift.

  14. Crate descent by spiral.

  15. Packing position.

  16. Crate stacker for filled crates.

  17. Buffer lane for 4 stacks of filled crates.

  18. Palletizing.

  19. Pallet magazine containing empty pallets.

  20. Discharging pallets with 4 stacks of crates with bread.

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