Following the Danish Prime Minister’s press conference last night on the corona development
in Denmark announcing further initiatives and immediate shut-down of work places,
shopping centers, restaurants and cafés beyond those initiatives which have already
been announced like i.e. closure of public institutions and assemblies and even borders,
we want to give you an update on how the situation will and is affecting the daily business
at Brüel Systems.

With a radical rise in Covid-19 cases within the last few days, we all need to do our best
to stop the disease from spreading too quickly. At Brüel Systems we are aware of the
severity of the situation, and we are taking the necessary precautions to protect our employees
and their families while still ensuring business as usual.

At present we have taken the following steps:
• Most travelling and external, physical meetings have been cancelled and postponed for
the time being
• Meetings with external partners etc. will be held online via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft
Teams or similar
• Anyone who has been travelling recently is working from home
• Employees are urged to work from home where this is possible
• Employees with health issues or with family members having this are requested to work
from home
• At Brüel Systems’ facility stricter hygiene is required and informed about through posters
and info-meeting
• Internal meetings are limited in quantity and number of participants
We are in contact with suppliers and shipping agents and we are constantly monitoring
the situation, but for now everything is on track, and there are no disruptions in our production
or shipping of goods. Our 24/7 online support is available and all normal communication
lines are open.
Our Management Team is following up on the situation constantly and we will keep you
updated via
We hope that by taking these precautions, we can contribute to slowing down the spread
of Covid-19.


18/3 2020