Brüel Systems A/S has taken over business activities from brüel international a/s, which
declared bankruptcy in February 2015 under the former parent company Jorgensen Engineering.
The new owners of Brüel Systems A/S are comprised of the senior management
group, including CEO Kurt Bech Christensen, as well as Morten Bielefeldt, Leif Thomsen,
John Taber and Rasmus Miller. The ownership group also includes Peter Jessen, who will
be chairman of the Board of Directors. Peter Jessen is also the majority shareholder and
chairman of the Board for System Cleaners A/S, which manufactures surface cleaning
systems for the food industry.
Brüel Systems A/S will continue to partner with subcontractors, and will undergo a
streamlining process in order to ensure optimal production. Brüel Systems A/S has a
number of orders already lined up to begin production processes again. Through more
effective communications, the company aims to work with customers in finding solutions
where Brüel products are able to create increased value for their businesses. Trustworthiness,
honesty, quality, and a long‐term business outlook are the core values of Brüel Systems
A/S. We look forward to an exciting future in close cooperation with our customers
and subcontractors. We will have further homepage, logo and other marketing materials
available in the near future.


8/7 2015