The Pallet washer

The pallets are washed in a tunnel washer with a capacity of 300 full size– or approx. 600 half size pallets/hours

After destacking, the pallets are fed to the washer one at a time. The wash process comprises dissolving, washing, after-rinse and drying. In the dissolving section the pallets are sprayed with large quantities of water at low pressure.

When passing through the separate wash section the pallets are washed with detergent at high pressure. A split conveyor ensures that the pallet legs are washed underneath. A self-cleaning rotary screw filter separates any gross contamination including labels from the wash water. In the after-rinse section any residual detergent are rinsed off the pallets.

 In the drying section, the water is efficiently blown off the pallets by means of 4 blowers with a capacity of  5,5 kW, leaving the pallets with a minimum of residual moisture.

Pallet washer

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Pallet washer from Brüel Systems

The pallet washer and handler provides

  • In-feed: Up to 18 half size or full size pallets
  • Outfeed: stacked one at a time from the bottom
  • Capacity: 300 full size– or approx. 600 half size pallets/hr.
  • Drying: The pallets are drying with a minimum of residual moisture.