Stand-alone (systems):
Manual operated cleaning or handling systems in pre-defined variations. Sold primarily through a network of agents.

Integration (OEM):
The systems are integrated with the customers own process equipment both physically and control wise. The systems are sold primarily through OEM customers and our own sales organisation.

Turnkey (complete solutions):
Complete solutions for cleaning and handling of reusable containers. Projects sold handled by our own sales and support organisation.

Service & spare parts:
For all types of installations including also competitors. A 24/7 service support is offered. A systematic service concept is offered, together with day to day delivery and customers based stock of spare parts.

Overview of our products

Brüel System A/S’s range of products is the result of years of meeting customer demands. Today we can offer high-performance solutions for any container washing and handling need in the food industry. At Brüel Systems we focus on projects with a high technical content. Our organisation is geared to handle projects of the most complex nature and size. Our clients cover all sectors of the food industry: Meat – fish – bakery – beverage – dairy.

Our list of references encompasses all solutions – from stand-alone washing units to all-inclusive plants that handle product distribution internally in large production complexes.

Associated industries such as distribution of food products also appear widely in our list of references. These industries rely heavily on recyclable plastic crates.
Throughout our history, Brüel Systems has been determined to deliver high-quality solutions – offering maximum cost-efficiency during the lifetime of our products.

Turnkey solutions on time

Brüel Systems A/S has full capability to provide customers with turnkey solutions. This means companies need not contact a number of suppliers when a new plant is to be designed. Contacting Brüel Systems is sufficient.
In cooperation with our customer we define fully the requirements for the equipment and the operating regime including, where appropriate, the
interface with existing equipment, and building requirements.

Once defined, our engineering and design departments will prepare a detailed technical/financial project proposal that will be discussed and agreed with
the customer in all aspects before the work is started.

From design to reality

Our experienced project and production engineers transfer the project
from design to reality. All equipment is assembled and tested in our
factory for initial customer acceptance prior to delivery.

In addition, we prepare thorough documentation for the equipment,
including comprehensive operating manuals.

A range of after-sales service packages are also available to suit
customer requirements.

These are just some of the reasons we consider ourselves to be
turnkey suppliers.

Why choose us

  • Only one supplier

  • We transfer projects from design to reality

  • We deliver all necessary documentation

  • We deliver after sales service packages